Chet enjoying today’s sun.

‘This is Not the End’ by Spielbergs

Musical crush for the day.

Trades like the Porzingis deal are a big reason I love the NBA. Deals like this very rarely happen in other major leagues. Sure I would feel differently if Buffalo had an NBA team and KP or Davis were leaving my team.

Today and tomorrow: Blizzard warning and -20s wind chill. Next week: 50s. Totally normal Buffalo winter.

My top 16 songs from the last week are showing a little obsession!

Accidental twinning! Lucy wasn’t digging it — especially since mom is a teacher at her school.

Wow, our schools just canceled for Wednesday and Thursday! Brrrr. Ready for winter to be over already. I usually don’t get that feeling for a few more weeks!

Les Savy Fav brought the full crazy to Elsewhere (pics, video, setlist)

Probably my favorite live band. We saw them many times over the years, including a New Year’s Eve show in Seattle. I booked them for a basement show in Buffalo just as we were moving to Seattle – I wish I was able to stick around to see that mayhem.

Celebrated the first half of the school year by taking the kids to 5 Wits for an escape room and then Dave & Busters for dinner and games. So fun!

All this talk… had to jump in! Posting to Git repo via Working Copy on iOS is pretty awesome. Need to dig in more.

New album from Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers. So so good.

Amazon’s Wish List with Stacy Mitchell — Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes — Overcast

Interesting episode on Amazon’s growth and how it’s wielding power to get even bigger.

Zoey bought a guinea pig grooming set today. Both are in heaven!

Had my first Impossible burger today. So frickin good. Best veggie burger by far.

Maggie Rogers - Light On (La Blogothèque – Live in Paris)

I like this version better than the recorded. So good.

Jawbox announce 2019 reunion tour

YES. Please come to Buffalo!

Sadly I needed to bribe Lucy to go see Into the Spider-verse with me today, but also finally going to see it so it’s not all bad.

Operation ‘replace swollen battery and upgrade to SSD in my old 2009 MacBook’ with Stella is complete. She is so psyched.

Outkast’s Aquemini is 20 years old and still amazing. Changed my mood today. Much appreciated.

Today’s New Comic Book Day pickups. And I finally set up a pull list at the LCS three blocks from my house.

Giving Day One another chance for journaling… have a daily gratitude prompt, IFTTT for my blog & photos, and TV/movie log shortcuts set up.

Intermission shoot out for these ladies at the Beauts game today!

One music list to rule them all – The Outline

An aggregated Album-of-the-Year analysis. Pretty interesting…

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍