Had our first casual get together of the hockey season today. The girls were more than excited to get their warm-ups. Haven’t seen smiles that big in a while! Everyone put theirs on and were back out on the ice in minutes. Zoey hasn’t taken hers off yet.
Back to coding the next version of Relic Scout! It’s been a few months, but all of that comic book hunting I’ve done over the last few weeks has sparked my interest again. Let’s do this.
First summer trip of the year is in the books: some 1600 miles and 34+ hours in the car, 7 states, 2 time zones, 1 National Park, 1 Ikea, and ZERO kid fights. (Yes, you read the right. All three were amazing.)
Had to check out the guinea pig exhibit at the Nashville Zoo. Kids are in love! They miss their ladies back home.

Hello, Louisville! Have a perfect view for fireworks tonight.

Picked up the second appearance of Mister Miracle and 2nd appearance of Big Barda for under $50 total. Jack Kirby masterworks!

Awesome day for a ride! Our first Ride for Roswell was amazing. We will be back.

My last week in music. On a Middle Kids kick! Also check out Truth Club’s new album.