NFL Draft night! My fave options for Bills:

  1. T.J. Hockensen (TE)
  2. Ed Oliver (DT)
  3. Trade down in 1st (then pick A.J. Brown, Andre Dillard, Christian Wilkins, or D.K. Metcalf)
  4. Jonah Williams (OT)
  5. Obviously Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen, if they fall.

Family tickets for Endgame purchased. First Marvel movie all of us have been excited for at release. My plan worked! πŸ€“

Current status.

🎡 Wand - Laughing Matter

Really digging this new album. For fans of older, fuzzy Radiohead.

A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Visit for the amazing art, stay for the vision of a forward thinking economy and just society that tackles climate change head on.

Record Store Day pick ups!

First night of indoor soccer. All on the same team!

Subscription Hostages - Signal v. Noise β†’

This is one of the main reasons I enjoy subscriptions on iOS. I can view all in one place, then cancel or re-subscribe with a couple taps.

Adding pagination to the Hyde theme (

I finally sat down and took a look at Hugo themes last night to add pagination to the Hyde theme. Turns out, it was much easier than I expected!

Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure Hyde is selected as your current theme.
  2. In the Custom Theme section, click the Edit Custom Themes button.
  3. Click the New Theme button to create a custom theme based off of Hyde. (Name it whatever you’d like…)
  4. Select that theme to go the templates view.
  5. Click New Template to create the pagination partial with the filename and location:
  6. Add this code to that template and click Update Template:
  7. Click on the list template:
  8. Add this code: above the last
    {{ end }}
    and click Update Template
  9. At the end of the Hyde.css file find the second to last #post-nav block and add
    text-align: center;
    to center the pagination at the bottom.
  10. Once you make those changes, go back to the Design tab and select your Custom Theme. Click Update Microblog Settings to use these theme changes.

That should be it!

Zoey was so excited to get her braces off today!

Picked up another all-time fave: Ctrl by SZA

Finally saw Captain Marvel today with the family. We loved it and my geek heart exploded with every little Easter egg.

Announcing 7-Day Music Club

I’m pleased to announce a new project I am launching with a few long-time music loving friends: 7-Day Music Club.

The premise: we feel that the current digital age of music has not only damaged the album as a collection of songs, but our relationship to it and the artist. That feeling of holding the album in hand, pouring over the lyric sheets and inserts, and repeated/focused listens – are all a thing of the past for many people.

Our plan: 7-Day Music Club is a community that will celebrate albums as a social, shared experience through focused listening and storytelling. Each week we will focus on one crucial album from our collection to encourage a deep, 7-day focused listening session and conversation.

Our full site – including a blog, newsletter, and message board – will launch in early May. Visit today to sign up for our newsletter and be notified when we launch!

Song Exploder: Sharon Van Etten

Such a great episode from one of my favorite artists.

Americans Borrowed $88 Billion to Pay for Health Care Last Year, Survey Finds

I’m not sure how anyone can think the status quo is sustainable.

The Mrs. and I saw Rent for the first time today. The second act was top notch!

Just another Friday night selling Girl Scout cookies. Thankful it’s the last weekend for another year.

Our first experience with travel hockey tryouts is in the books after four years of house hockey. My bank account is in pain, but feeling good about where we landed. Zoey took it all in stride and thoroughly enjoyed it all, so thankful for that…

Got my copy of 3 Feet High and Rising today. So amazing! Transported back to my early teenage years when it first came out β€” the whole album has held up very well. 🎡

Ok, I created a Shortcut that you can use from within Apple News to create a markdown link of the canonical article URL in Drafts. No more Apple News URLs and redirects!

The danger of ‘I already pay for Apple News+’ - TechCrunch

A good counterpoint to my post from today.

Congrats to @Agiletortoise on the release of Drafts on the Mac. Just imported my Bear notes, organized my tags and workspaces, and cleaned up my inbox – going to try to use Drafts as my main text notes app going forward.

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