Back in the 90s I loved making zines on the hardcore music scene… today I am kicking off a digital version. The newsletter is called One Last Wish and it will, of course, focus on music. Check it out – the first issue is up. I hope you subscribe!

Any micro.bloggers interested in a fantasy basketball league? I am working on starting a dynasty league on If so, hit me up! πŸ€

$5 gigs, not $10m deals: the story of US punk label Dischord Records | Music - The Guardian

My all-time favorite record label.

Watson’s DNA test came back. 81% American Staffordshire Terrier, 13% American Bulldog, 4% Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog, and 2% Miniature Bull Terrier. And according to Chet: 100% annoying, but sometimes cute, brother. FD021ED4-C296-4069-BFDA-E18DED644AA6.jpg

File this in the “surprised I didn’t pay more attention to this band” category: Small Brown Bike

So good.

Follow Your Nose – a choose your own musical adventure

I love this idea from Merlin Mann and Do By Friday: the “Follow Your Nose” playlist…

  1. Pick a song you love and start a playlist
  2. Go to the artist’s page and view the Related Artists/Fans Also Like section – then pick a group you aren’t familiar with…
  3. Go to their page and start listening to their top songs & add one you like to your playlist.
  4. Repeat 2 and 3 from that artist page, building out your playlist until you are bored or hit an artist where you can’t do #2.

Almost like a choose your own music musical adventure. So much fun!

Here’s my first attempt:

Pumpkin carving complete.

Voting early for the first time ever.

Weekend getaway to Allegany State Park

🎡 The Breeders - Pod

beabadobee - Fake It Flowers Live #livestream - YouTube

If you are a sucker for 90s-influenced indie rock like Beach Bunny, Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, and Hatchie you will love this.

Some puppy is tired this AM. Some owner is too. 😴

A Day in the Life - Buffalo, NY - 6:20pm ET

Amherst Girls Hockey practice.

Enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. First hike with Watson!

🎡 Slow Pulp - Moveys

Super good.

Two buddies

Finally best buds

Someone is comfortable in his new house. πŸ₯°

Meet our new puppers, Watson

🎡 Fleet Foxes - Shore

Not sure there is a better example of white privilege than Mitch McConnell moving the goal posts in order to β€œwin.”

🎧 Now listening: Frosting on the Beater by The Posies

Pigs and pug

Growing up and living next to the Canadian border has a lot of benefits, one of which is being familiar with Canadian radio and hosts. Saw the new Strombo show in Apple Music today and knew it was going to be good, instantly. Listening now and it’s πŸ’―.

Currently reading: Recursion by Blake Crouch πŸ“š