Another music nugget: it took me 3 albums but I finally get Angel Olsen. Her new album All Mirrors is simply amazing. I’ve started to re-visit her previous work and am really enjoying most of it now, where I didn’t before… anyone else have this experience with an artist?

The Consumerism Curse – On my Om

“Fundamentally, it is a business model that is flawed —- capitalism is still functioning on the premise of endless resources.”

Also, endless growth and endless waste. None of which are sustainable. Yes, capitalism has improved the quality of life for many people. It has also left many behind — through inequality, oppression, and overwork.

Between inequality, climate change, and resource depletion something needs to change. I doubt America would ever go for socialism, so I am hoping for some kind of compassionate capitalism that blends elements of capitalism, socialism, and social justice. It’s going to take a bold vision and a lot of work — just hope we’re up for it. Time is running out before huge change is forced upon us by nature.