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Pigs and pug

Growing up and living next to the Canadian border has a lot of benefits, one of which is being familiar with Canadian radio and hosts. Saw the new Strombo show in Apple Music today and knew it was going to be good, instantly. Listening now and it’s 💯.

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Some photos from our camping trip to the Adirondacks.

QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, and the Rise of Magical Thinking

Very good explainer on conspiracy theories and thinking.

A Record 76% of Americans Can Vote by Mail in 2020 - The New York Times

Come on New York. We stick out like a sore thumb.

Family getaway today!

What ARGs Can Teach Us About QAnon – mssv

QAnon fascinates me (and confounds and scares me), probably because I enjoyed ARGs in the early 2000s. A good read.

Run The Jewels Return! - Broken Record with Rick Rubin

A super good conversation.

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Stella Immanuel, Trump’s New COVID-19 Doctor, Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine

WTF. Please vote.

Finally ditched Amazon Prime. We will see how long this lasts.

Parenting win: Stella (bass) and Lucy (drums) are jamming Another One Bites the Dust in basement.

Kate Tempest – People’s Faces Lyrics

I learned of Kate Tempest through Joe Talbot’s awesome web show… this song was released in 2019, but it’s so perfect for 2020.

🎵 Blu & Exile - Miles

SO good.

Almost one-third of Florida children tested are positive for the coronavirus | TheHill

“They are seeing there is damage to the lungs in these asymptomatic children. … We don’t know how that is going to manifest a year from now or two years from now,”

Sounds like in-person school is a good idea.

🎵 Garden Variety - Knocking the Skill Level (Remastered 2020)

Finally on streaming! One of my absolute favorite albums.

Miles Beckett on Twitter: “Why are COVID cases increasing while deaths are decreasing? The answer is simple. It’s called Simpson’s paradox and it’s the result of incorrectly pooling data and arriving at a false conclusion. A thread

Super good thread and explainer video.

Would really like a micro.blog plugin to match the Last.fm display @smith implemented on his new blog. Looks so good.

Is free speech under threat from ‘cancel culture’? Four writers respond - The Guardian

Professional consequences start off dire for the people who are cancelled en masse by structural racism. At least old white dudes get the respect of being cancelled on a case-by-case basis.

Good responses from all four writers.

Bully - Every Tradition - YouTube

Another new one from Bully. So good.

Reopening Schools in NJ- Educator Concerns

An even larger list of questions from teachers. SO many issues. It’s not as simple as “we need to open.”

Teaching with Jillian Starr on Twitter: “A Thread: America’s teachers have a lot of questions regarding the push to reopen schools.”

So good and spot on.

Free Speech

ending the charade – Fredrik deBoer

So how can someone object to an endorsement of free speech and open debate without being opposed to those things in and of themselves? You can’t. And people are objecting to it because social justice politics are plainly opposed to free speech. That is the most obvious political fact imaginable today.

Pretty sure no one is against your ability to say things, just that there are consequences for saying things (an even more obvious fact) and that, holy shit, people are finally being held to account for the racist, misogynist, hateful stuff they say (and do) and if enough people feel that way, maybe you finally feel the repercussions. If you feel that forces you to censor yourself or limits your free speech, that is on you. There are plenty of soapboxes for you to spout your bullshit.