This blog is my personal journey toward becoming a better person. A better husband, father, friend, and chaser of dreams. By sharing that journey I hope to connect with other people taking a similar path, whether it is through provoking thought, discussion in the comments, or just relating to my words.

I plan to share my take on various aspects of our dueling analog and digital selves, links/quotes/brief commentary on awesome (related) posts I find on the web, and occasionally some ephemera from my life.

This site is also the home of my music-themed newsletter, One Last Wish. Each issue I take a deeper look and reflect on an album or two that changed my life, as well as share some newer releases that I’ve been listening to… if that sounds interesting, please subscribe and follow along!


About Jason

First and foremost, I am the lucky and loving husband to my wife Melisa; loving father to my 3 girls (twins Zoey and Stella, plus their big sister – by 13 months – Lucy.) We currently live in Buffalo, NY, though we did spend 5+ years in Seattle, WA and almost 2 years in Rochester, NY, with two amazing cross-country trips in between.

I am an aspiring buddhist, though more for the philosophical aspects and approach to life. I enjoy cooking AND eating good food. I discovered a love for comic books, especially anything X-Men, at the ripe age of 36. I also love music, the Nintendo Switch, obsessing over iPhone apps and productivity, hockey, and photography.

My current day job involves UX design for an international science equipment distributor. In my spare time, I work on Eko Wave, a niche affiliate marketing company I formed with two friends (and current co-workers at the day job.) We’re currently working hard to turn the latter into the former.


One Last Wish is a modern day zine — an email newsletter. It’s a music-focused love letter to my past, present, and future self. Back in the 90s I was into making zines about the hardcore music scene. Today, email newsletters are filling that void. I’d love to do all that again, so here we are…

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Latest Asides

First Concert: Kenny G

Last Concert: Bon Iver

Best Concert: Fugazi

Worst Concert: Kenny G

Loudest Concert: The Pixies or Sleater-Kinney

Seen the most: Despair

Most Surprising: Idlewild

Next Concert: RATM/RTJ

Wish I could’ve seen: the Clash

H/t to @aspleenic

My hopes for Sabres draft night- three of these please: Savoie, Lambert, Nazar, Gauthier, Kulich, Kemell, Miroshnichenko, Havelid, Chesley. Would love a trade up for Cooley or Nemec/Jiricek too. #nhldraft

Currently reading: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo 📚

What is “ecofascism” — and what does it have to do with the Buffalo shooting? - Salon.com

A lot of people assume that if we teach people about climate change, they will want to create a world that is more just and peaceful.

Watson was so tired after our hike today he didn’t even mind Chet sitting on his head. 😂