I am super excited to announce the launch of a newsletter project with my friend Chris (aka The Itinerant Printer). The site is called Crucial Tracks and it focuses on the songs that made you who you are today.

Everyone has moments in their life that are defined by music. Whether it’s a song that introduced you to a genre of music that changed your tastes and style, or a lyric that made you think about the world in a different way. Songs can represent relationships. Songs can trigger memories. These are all crucial tracks.

Once or twice per month we will feature an interview with interesting people from all walks of life. (We’ve got a pretty amazing list!) And in between, we will be focusing on new releases and tracks that have moved us.

The plan for December is interviews with Chris and myself, as well as our year-end lists. Then we will kick off the new year with our very first guest interview.

Head on over to the site and subscribe – you won’t want to miss this!