And with that I’ve disabled cross-posting to Twitter. I’ve already stopped visiting/interacting with the site. Not sure I’m going to close it though, as I don’t want some Nazi taking over my handle since I use it everywhere else. Anyway, sorry for the political post. Back to the positive stuff! πŸ˜„

So, you’re telling me the fake “absolute free speech” CEO / tech genius is propping up the fake “freedom” governor for president? Would NEVER have predicted that! (It was pretty much the plot of last week’s Succession episode, after all.) The end game for power and money is ALWAYS authoritarianism.

Finished reading: Saving Time by Jenny Odell πŸ“š

My physical copy of Zelda doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. Might have to stay off the web for the next 24 hours. πŸ˜‚

Building a blog to learn Laravel. So many niceties. Really enjoying it so far! Maybe I will even use it for endonend eventually. πŸ˜„

Enjoying Couchella so far… caught Wet Leg and Yves Tumor. Both top notch! Looking forward to Bjork, Frank Ocean, boygenius, The Breeders, and Sudan Archives to name a few.

The new Yves Tumor album, Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds), is amazing. Check it out!

Today, Chet and Watson. So cute. Didn’t last long though. 🀣

It’s a De La Soul day, all day long. Enjoy on whatever streaming platform your prefer. RIP Trugoy.

New Big Thief song is so good. And indie rock flute! My kid will be so excited. πŸ˜„

My fave album of the year came out this past Friday: Making Circles of Our Own by New Pagans. Female fronted indie punk/post-rock with really great hooks and lyrics too. Check them out!

Zoey’s high school team won their area championship yesterday and head to states on Friday. Also, Z got her cast off and is able to start playing again. Back at practice tonight!

Woke up to a 3.8 earthquake this AM. Unusual for our area! Worked better than our standard wake-up alarms. πŸ˜‚

The Cazenovia girls representing their high school hockey teams before last night’s championship. Playoffs start this coming week! #rollkengi

Zoey was unable to play, but we made the trek down to catch the championship game of her teams tournament. Cazenovia took the β€˜ship with the game winner in OT with 10 seconds remaining. πŸŽ‰πŸ†πŸ’

Just registered for Oliver Burkeman’s Designing Your System for Creativity course in March. Can’t wait!

Zoey’s wrist injury (now in a cast for two weeks) is forcing her to miss the outdoor game of her hockey tournament today. Not too sad. πŸ₯Ά

I just posted a quick update to my Finitude and Productivity post from last month:…

More to come!

It’s amazing how much I didn’t care about Wye Oak until like two years ago (sometimes purposefully) and now they are one of my favorite bands ever. 🎧

Cazenovia ladies won their tournament this weekend in Pittsburgh. Zoey got two goals, the game winner, and MVP. πŸ†πŸ’