It’s amazing how much I didn’t care about Wye Oak until like two years ago (sometimes purposefully) and now they are one of my favorite bands ever. 🎧

My 2023 song-a-day playlist on Apple Music!…

De La Soul’s Catalog Coming to Streaming Services For the First Time

Best music news in awhile!

My 2022 song-a-day playlist is complete! This was honestly one of the best things I did last year. It brings back memories every time I listen.

A 2023 version will be shared once there are a bunch of tracks. 😄

Picked up some new books based on various recommendations I’ve been seeing on 🎉📚

Nilüfer Yanya - Full Set From The Basement

Her album Painless is my fave from 2022. Give her a listen!

🎧Now Listening: Don’t Know What You’re in Until You’re Out by Gladie

FFO: Cayetana (ex-members), early Waxhatachee, Hop Along, Lemuria, Swearin’

This album is certainly making my Best of 2022 list.

I put together my finalists playlist for 2022 album of the year - 50 so far. Check it out here on Apple Music

🎧 Insta-buy: Blue Period by Beauty Pill

A double LP compilation including the band’s complete Dischord recordings from 2003-2005.

🎧 Now listening: Igor by Tyler, the Creator

I’ve taken a little hiatus from writing One Last Wish posts (my music newsletter), so here are a few top notch new releases I’ve been digging:


Major milestone! 300 days complete in my song-a-day playlist journey. Grab it on Apple Music:…

264 days down. My song-a-day playlist on Apple Music:…

Retired the original vinyl storage unit with a larger 2x2 unit. Was kind of shocked how big the collection has grown in the last couple years. The overflow was in a few various locations, so this was the first time seeing it all in one spot!

IDLES Full Set | From The Basement - YouTube

An absolutely brilliant performance. Sound is so good.

Currently reading: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo 📚

Finished reading: Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel 📚

Thanks to the suggestion from @alans, I now have a sync setup on Spotify to copy over my Apple Music song-a-day project. There are now two options: Spotify and Apple Music. Enjoy!

One thing I’ve been doing this year, that I absolutely love, is adding one song to a playlist every day. We’ve listened on a few road trips and it sparks so many good memories. It’s pretty amazing. Follow along if you are interested!

Two new favorite recent releases: the self-titled album by Plosivs (Listen) (ex Pinback, Drive Like Jehu, and Against Me) and sore thumb by Oso Oso (Listen).

Early album of the year contenders - early March edition

Two of my favorite releases from 2022 (so far) have been released in the past couple weeks. The albums are so opposite in style and substance – and I’ve been flipping back and forth – it’s keeping me sane in many ways.

Painless by Nilüfer Yanya

Some of the most unique indie songwriting I’ve heard in a while. Every song is good. Her last full length, Miss Universe, was a very good album – this is otherworldly. And, hey, Pitchfork agrees.

Your Neighbors are Failures by Bitter Branches

Featuring members of hardcore bands Deadguy, Kiss it Goodbye, No Escape, Lifetime, Paint it Black, Walleye, and others. It’s everything you’d expect from that group and more. It’s everything I need to get through the insanity that is our world right now.

I am a lonely one
But not a sad one
I am a broken one
But not a lacking one
I am proud one
And I know

I’m not the only one

Let’s be broken together
Let’s be ugly together
Let’s not talk of weather
Or speak of things mundane
Let’s celebrate

Let’s take pride
In finding your lane
Let’s build some regrets
And wear them like tattoos

Let’s find
Some fears
Carry them like weights

“Show Me Yours” by Bitter Branches

I went a little crazy with the 1992 playlist in preparation for the next issue of One Last Wish. So many good albums came out that year. 91 songs so far and I don’t think I got everything!

Without saying your age, post 4 albums that came out when your were 14.

4 albums at 14

$5 gigs, not $10m deals: the story of US punk label Dischord Records | Music - The Guardian

My all-time favorite record label.

File this in the “surprised I didn’t pay more attention to this band” category: Small Brown Bike

So good.