Added cross-posting info available to themes and plug-ins. See documentation on the help site. Still a little experimental and may expand later.
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Simon Hill On Optimizing Plant-Based Nutrition For Health, Longevity & Athletic Performance - The Rich Roll Podcast
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A redundant item on my Reminders list
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Plug in number 2 for today: announcing Bookshop for your affiliate links on
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There’s a new site from @Miraz with dozens of tutorials on customizing your blog on everything from CSS tweaks to editing templates. Lots of good stuff in here that shows the power of using Hugo for themes.
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Dragon Marked for Death on Switch is really good y’all.
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Zuckerberg’s note on privacy on social networks
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I’ve posted a 6-minute screencast video on YouTube explaining much more about how custom themes work in, using the example of copying a theme from GitHub and editing the templates.
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Has anyone got experience with using iCloud mail as their mail dumping ground for multiple email aliases? I know heaps of people love Fastmail, but I want to pay as close to zero as possible while not using Gmail.
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One of my favorite little tricks to get a list of my apps for moving to a new fresh install machine. ls /Applications > NewSystemApps.txt Then drop that text in a new, highlight all, and add checklist bubbles. Now I am ready to go through and start installing apps.
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Rewrote my About page. Less "blah blah blah", more "hey, this is me". Hoping to make more changes, especially with wording, around the whole site in the next few weeks.
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This is precisely why I prefer’s model. It’s decentralized for individual websites, but centralized from a network perspective, enabling strong community guidelines and enforcement.
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I was thinking how I go about sharing the web app of what I'm building for my code challenge. The app that includes the logic... not the static design.
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2018: Some Hope
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I wish everyone who quotes Trump would read this whole thread.
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I’ve kept a daily log for many, many years now. The past five years I’ve used a Hobonichi Techo for this purpose. As Austin Kleon reminds us, a diary of this type is evidence of our days .
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Photo Challenge, Day 3: On the Move - Out in the woods with my daughter again.
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Sending another 1000 invites to this week from the announce list. A bunch going out right now. Looking forward to everyone’s feedback!
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I spent years blogging about social media, trying to think about ways to drive mainstream adoption. When we reached the tipping point I had to ask "what now?" but still managed to find things to write about for a while. But, for the last several years, I have become increasing...
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I think I’ll stick with WordPress for my microblog. At least for now. My love-hate relationship with WordPress continues.
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“I need someone to show me my place in all this” — Rey Also, acurate discription of my relationship with the online world these days.
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