@chrispederick thanks Chris! Always good to hear from actual customers. I will give it a shot. Seems like we have a little time to transition so I will put it through the paces in the mean time.

@klandwehr @burk it does look like Ally has bill pay which I really missed with Simple so may start my research there...

@klandwehr @burk I see apps like Chime and Current on the App Store that seem to do similar but they all have the same basic marketing pitches and screenshots so that makes me hesitate. Not sure there’s another good option out there. I will keep looking though. Bummed.

@Burk yeah we joined about the same time. Ugh. If you find anything that is similar let me know and I will do the same.

@Burk -- ok just got the email. WTF. That was a super weak email.

@Burk not seeing anything on Simple or Twitter. Where did you see this? We've been customers for years. LOVE Simple.

@Burk WTF.

@pratik never watched Riverdale. Started strong then faded? That was one I had on my list but always found something I wanted to watch more.

@pratik nice. Didn’t even know that existed. I loved Hardy Boys books growing up. Thanks for the recommendation!

@scottjeffries we’ve used Sleeper for football last 2 years and like it. This is their 1st year doing basketball, so not sure for that sport. They only have 1 game mode called “Game Pick”, which is unique and I like the idea of it, so hopefully it’s as good as the football side.

@jonkit thanks! Yeah I’ve enjoyed it so far. Trying to map out where to go next. Will probably just continue down the “growing up” path for a bit. Thanks again for reading. (And I’ve been listening to those couple new The Weather Station songs - thanks for the tip!)

@scottjeffries sorry, yeah it is. Thanks for replying though!

@jonkit for sure. My second post just went live today actually: onelastwish.substack.com

Thanks for checking it out.

Also, I love Broken Social Scene so will definitely check out The Weather Station. Wasn’t familiar!

@jonkit yeah I did! I recently started a music focused newsletter-y thing too. Loved doing zines and writing about music in my teenage years so figured this was a modern equivalent. I am always on the lookout for new music so excited to follow your posts as well.

@jayeless oh he is! A very large, heavy lap dog. 😄

@mariovillalobos If it’s possible, I think I like it more after listening to it on repeat for the issue. So good. Thanks for reading!

@nitinkhanna did the same exact thing. So, so harsh on the brain.

@mandaris adorable! We just got a pit mix. Such great dogs. He’s currently sleeping on my lap!

@odd awesome! I booked a show with DRI and TSOL in college. Was the biggest show I ever did. Super fun though.

@Ron the big doofus 😄

@kitt oh my gosh. I am so sorry! 😞

@manton @bix Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. The wife and I had the day off so we figured it was worth the hour to not risk missing out on voting.

@sku_b Pretty sure they still have Safari underneath, but Firefox has a lot of it's services and features built in through your Firefox account. I don't use password or the reading list, but it seems like they sync through that. You can definitely send pages to any Firefox browser you are logged in to... may just be my mind playing tricks, but iOS Firefox feels faster.

@smithtimmytim I did the same. Still getting used to Firefox on iOS, but overall I am enjoying it as well.

@johnholzer that's a great idea. Thanks for sharing!