Dave Winer on Bernie Sanders:

Sanders is a nice guy for sure, but he can’t do the organizing we need to do (see below). It’s not something you can delegate.

Not sure how Dave came to this view on Sanders (he did mention his age and the fact that he doesn’t have apps on his phone), but Bernie’s campaign epitomizes grassroots, democratic organizing. The Intercept had an article on his campaign app and that app is translating into volunteers and donors at record numbers. It’s a big part of why I donated to his campaign. Of course, Sanders may waste all of this like Obama did, but I am willing to take that risk.

The Consumerism Curse – On my Om

“Fundamentally, it is a business model that is flawed —- capitalism is still functioning on the premise of endless resources.”

Also, endless growth and endless waste. None of which are sustainable. Yes, capitalism has improved the quality of life for many people. It has also left many behind — through inequality, oppression, and overwork.

Between inequality, climate change, and resource depletion something needs to change. I doubt America would ever go for socialism, so I am hoping for some kind of compassionate capitalism that blends elements of capitalism, socialism, and social justice. It’s going to take a bold vision and a lot of work — just hope we’re up for it. Time is running out before huge change is forced upon us by nature.

How Politics Can Make You Sick – Elemental

Just as an official impeachment inquiry of President Trump begins, a new study finds 38% of Americans were already stressed out by politics, with 11.5% saying they’re so stressed it’s making them physically ill, even if only a little.

I’ve talked to numerous friends about this subject. Based on the responses, I’d guess those numbers are low. I’m definitely in both categories.

Greta’s message

Greta Thunberg had a powerful message at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. I hope world leaders (both government and business) felt half as much shame as I felt listening to her words.

My actions are half measures at best and empty at worst. I need to take a deep look at my place in all this and make changes. Please consider the same.