@matthewlang I did the same a couple weeks ago. Moved everything to Todoist after their Foundations release — seems like the perfect mix of Things, OmniFocus, and cross-platform. My premium trial ended on the 30th and I just signed up as a paying customer.

@mcg agreed! The last few updates got me back and I'm really enjoying it again.

@JohnPhilpin Check out Fiery Feeds too. I bounce between that and Reeder. FF is super customizable too.

@eli thanks for sharing. After Greta's UN speech this week, I decided to start collecitng info/data/etc. to inform better choices my family can make... this helps!

@furstenberg wow that sounds pretty awesome!

@furstenberg definitely brought back memories of looking at my parent's Zeppelin albums and family road trips. I didn't consistently appreciate it as a kid, but definitely do now. Sure my kids are the same, ha!

@JohnPhilpin ha! My middle daughter had to select a song from the 70s to take to school today for 6th grade and she picked Kashmir. So good.

@jack agreed! the packaging/art/concept is super great.

@vincent ooh that is nice. Haven’t tried that combo before!

@mikehaynes @tyler same here. Fastmail is amazing. No regrets.

@danbarber yeah it was! Such an amazing show.

@Bruce is that the Instax? If so my daughter got that one for Christmas. Inspired my choice! Definitely cool to switch gears.

@furstenberg thanks! Here’s their best album to check out.

@grayareas thank you!

@philbowell @chipotle second the recommendation of YNAB! Absolutely love it.

@vasta it was! Not sure I dig the south, but it’s always good to see how other people live. Glad the kids get to at a young age.

@matpacker No idea! They are 11 (twins) and 12 too. All girls. They acted like they liked each other too! We were very thankful.

@jack congrats!!

@petebrown awesome! Hope our kids feel the same way in the future. It was definitely on our bucket list since my wife is an earth science teacher.

@Miraz so true. Feels so intimidating otherwise. I think this could stick!

@Miraz Great idea! I am going to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration.

@robothive yeah I was pretty psyched. Rest of family is at Girl Scout camp so I actually had the time to dig in to the long boxes at the LCS without having to rush somewhere else or anyone pestering me to leave!

@endonend testing webmentions

@endonend testing webmentions.

@desparoz agreed! Feel the same about women’s soccer. I’ve really enjoyed watching the World Cup this year. I caught a little of the US men’s team last night and while the speed and strength are impressive, they spent most of the time mauling and overpowering one another.