@vincent OMG congrats! It's been a long road. SO glad it worked out. I use Gluon every day.

@klandwehr thanks for following! Can't wait until it's done.

@aa yeah I was same. Had to take the kids there!

@macgenie enjoy! currently experiencing kitchen remodel noises at the moment. (Started today!) Noise-canceling headphones are coming in handy. :)

@kusters so far so good -- got my Coda settings/projects imported and going to dig in more today. Hope you get an invite soon!

@Bruce perceptions are sometimes worse than reality! I just want zero excuses come November for why someone shouldn’t vote for the Democrat. Bernie being the nominee might be that too... 😄

@Bruce I get it. I'm scared about all of the candidates! Bernie may or may not be the answer, I don't know... I just want the process to take place and not be rigged (real or appearance.) And the "crazy to nominate" anyone hot take is a little premature too.

@endonend to be clear I will vote for ANY Democrat that gets the nomination (I am not a monster), but I don't want to be scared away from voting for my preferred candidate or the process pre-determined before any votes are cast.

@Gabz yeah that's my plan. Get used to using the full, then go Free and see what roadblocks I hit...

@smith awesome video and review. I need to pick this game up. I’m not a fan of shooters either - die way too fast lol. This game looks great though.

@mjdescy my fave release from 2019! I too like Blonde Redhead back in the day... :)

@vincent @Burk same!!! Cannot wait.

@agilelisa thanks!

@crossingthethreshold nice! Thanks I will check it out. I believe it does other years for you if you’ve been on Apple Music for a while. That’s interesting as well!

@crossingthethreshold yes it’s auto generated. I accessed through here: replay.music.apple.com

Enjoy! Send me your link when you get it.

@matthewlang i hadn’t used Todoist in a few years so the changes were a bit more dramatic for me. Still easy to use though! Really liking it so far...

@matthewlang I did the same a couple weeks ago. Moved everything to Todoist after their Foundations release — seems like the perfect mix of Things, OmniFocus, and cross-platform. My premium trial ended on the 30th and I just signed up as a paying customer.

@mcg agreed! The last few updates got me back and I'm really enjoying it again.

@JohnPhilpin Check out Fiery Feeds too. I bounce between that and Reeder. FF is super customizable too.

@eli thanks for sharing. After Greta's UN speech this week, I decided to start collecitng info/data/etc. to inform better choices my family can make... this helps!

@furstenberg wow that sounds pretty awesome!

@furstenberg definitely brought back memories of looking at my parent's Zeppelin albums and family road trips. I didn't consistently appreciate it as a kid, but definitely do now. Sure my kids are the same, ha!

@JohnPhilpin ha! My middle daughter had to select a song from the 70s to take to school today for 6th grade and she picked Kashmir. So good.

@jack agreed! the packaging/art/concept is super great.

@vincent ooh that is nice. Haven’t tried that combo before!