@johnbrayton @bruce in a way that is us moving the goal posts too. Even if it is justified in some sense. I don’t know what the right response is for this attempt other than the minimum of McConnell and Trump lose in November. Though they would have the lame duck to keep trying.

@manton that did it... All good now. Thank you!

@manton a photo and it was to my micro.blog-hosted site.

@manton I get “request too large” messages every tim I try to post from the Sunlit beta. Fully updated on TestFlight and logged out/in too.

@mikehaynes me too! So good.

@mikehaynes discovered so much from him and Alan Cross. It’s funny - not even an hour east of me in NY and they have no idea who I am talking about...

@smith Strange Adventures from Tom King, Decorum from Jonathan Hickman, Die by Kieron Gillen. Excited for The Scumbag by Rick Remender in October.

@pratik good to hear! Impulse buying is definitely something we wanted to cut back on too.

@pratik shipping mainly. Very little streaming other than a couple shows like Man in High Castle and the Expanse. We’ve cut back on Amazon orders too so makes shipping even less useful.

@smith safari reading list

@smith oooh! Page looks great and I can’t wait for Bokeh either. So looking forward to it. 😄

@smith thanks for sharing!!

@smith awesome! thank you so much.

@vincent i am close to the same setup! (iCloud services and Github) Glad I'm not the only one. :-)

@macgenie awe thanks. She was a special one!

@rishabh love it. Wish they had an iPad version, but the triage/workflows keep me around.

@rishabh the “simplifies everything” is exactly why I am going to subscribe. And love the “rest is just overthinking” line - feel like that happens a lot in many parts of my life. 🤓

@rishabh nice. I plan to as well. Have a small concern the iOS app will go away, but I imagine that will work out eventually and most likely with Apple giving in.

@mikehaynes will do. My Fastmail account renews on July 12, so plan on using the full trial. Looks promising so far!

@vincent sorry! Just sent them to Mike and Jeff. If I get more I will let you know.

@mikehaynes @jeffmueller got an invite code I can share two more times if you want it. Send an email to jason.dettbarn@hey.com and I'l reply with it...

@mikehaynes @jeffmueller they mentioned on Twitter they invited 200 people today and that was equivalent to the first 20 minutes of requests when they opened the invite request system in February. They said they plan to release all invitations over the next few weeks... twitter.com/dhh/statu...

@Bruce ha! It’s getting a little out of control. Gonna see where it goes.

@alans it’s super fun. And mainly limited to a night job at this point. 😄

@dhedc convinced the adults. Her twin sisters... nope. 😂