Been a while since I did a Micro Monday post, but has been awesome lately. I will give a shout out to @RianVDM for book, music, and feature chats in the last week. SO many good chats with so many awesome people here – it’s definitely refreshing.

Relic Scout Development Journal (S1E2): Hit List

As I mentioned in my last Relic Scout post, I am going to document my progress with launching new features on the site.

Today I tackled some design decisions related to the “Hit List,” which is a new view we are adding to Relic Scout. This view will include (to start) all graded comic book auctions ending in the next 24 hours that have at least 1 bid.

In addition, we will be adding Relic Scout information & tools like:

  • a link to other listings for the specific issue
  • historical sales & price trends
  • a deal score rating which gives a simpler metric to judge the current auction price versus historical trends
  • the ability to bookmark individual listings for later

Here’s the latest mockup of what we’re going for:

Hit List

I took a couple cues from RSS reeders (stars and ‘mark all as viewed’) as I thought those were useful tools to deal with large amounts of constantly refreshing information.

One element I need to work on is the ‘deal score’ area. I want to find a way to surface small amounts of useful historical pricing information, something along the lines of 7-day, 30-day, and all-time prices maybe? Modal or tooltip is the obvious answer, though I want them to work well for mobile users.

We could also add global user-level settings for grading service, grade range, and deal score minimum, which could be useful for these types of pages.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated – especially from comic book collectors and frequent eBay users.

In my next post I’ll share the final design mockup and then, later, I’ll share a link to the live page on

With school starting tomorrow, we’re looking ahead to spring break and making plans. This year we’re looking at the Outer Banks in North Carolina for some rest and relaxation. Last year’s trip to Universal was fun, but exhausting.

The news of Reeder going free (and Reeder 4 coming later this year) got me to re-download the app. Itโ€™s such a well-designed experience: UX, gestures, design… all of it. + MarsEdit Tips

I added a few more shortcuts to my MarsEdit setup. To add these, open up the New Post window, then under the Format dropdown select Customize. Here you can add new macro entries. Add the code I shared below to the Opening Markup box for each macro.

### Easily link to another user

Here are two ways to easily link to another user (useful for sending webmentions):

  • This option will prompt you to enter the username:

Mb enter

Copy the macro:

[@#asktext Enter Text:#]( Enter Text:#)

  • If you copy the username to your clipboard this option will grab it and automatically enter:

Mb paste

Copy the macro:


### Add Tagmoji Macro

Hereโ€™s the previous tip I shared. This macro will insert the appropriate tagmoji to your post.


First I created a Group (under gear icon) once you click Customize as described above. Then I added each to the group as shown.

You can find the currently used tagmoji used in Discovery on this page maintained by @burk

For example, enter this in the Opening Markup box: