Exciting start to the hockey season! Zoey’s team got off to a 2-0 lead and the other team battled back to tie it up and then take the lead with a couple minutes left. Zoey’s team battled hard and scored the tying goal with 48 seconds left. A super fun game to watch.

Lol. What 17 year old has an underage drinking party on their calendar, much less one from 36 years ago.

Has anyone ever done a hard reset of Apple Music? (Delete all and start over?) Between iCloud Music Library files not matching current Apple Music entries (so sometimes I add an album twice) and my old way of collecting everything because I could, my library is overwhelming.

[Brie Larson Was Told to Smile in ‘Captain Marvel,’ So She Put Smiles onto Marvel Dudes](https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gynvnw/brie-larson-was-told-to-smile-so-she-put-smiles-onto-marvel-dudes) →

Perfect response.

The [Siri Shortcuts implementation](https://www.endonend.org/2018/09/18/still-have-things.html) has me looking at Things again… Shortcuts could be used to make custom Perspectives, which was a big draw for OmniFocus 3. Not as robust, but I don’t get too crazy with criteria.